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Soils Engineering, Inc.

Essential Job Functions – Field Inspector


Job responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:


  • Construction monitoring and testing of soil, concrete, asphalt and other materials.
  • Observe and report test results, site conditions and project information.
  • Understand and use mathematical formulas to obtain test results.
  • Proficient in the use of a tablet computer and Microsoft Outlook and Excel programs. Input test data into an Excel spreadsheet and submit all project information electronically on a daily basis.
  • Monitor vehicle usage for compliance with company policies and procedures.
  • Know how to read construction documents to determine project details and specifications.
  • Ability to work independently, multi-task and adhere to timelines and deadlines




  • Minimum of high school/GED diploma
  • Possess strong interpersonal relations with contractors, trade partners, governmental agencies, clients, management, and inter-office personnel
  • Ability to apply standards, rules, policies, and procedures to formulate sound and well-ability to work long hours with exposure to exterior climate conditions
  • Strong communication skills with an ability to interact in a professional manner
  • Strong organizational skills with the ability to prioritize workload
  • Comfortable working with multiple priorities and deadlines
  • Professional demeanor and appearance
  • Strong sense of work-ethic


Desired certifications preferred but not required include:

*Conduct testing using the appropriate equipment and methods


  • CalTrans Test Methods for Asphalt, Soil and/or Aggregate Base materials
  • ACI Concrete Field Testing and/or Adhesive Anchor Installation
  • ICC Soils, Reinforced Concrete, Masonry, Fireproofing, Structural Welding
  • Nuclear Radiation Safety and Trench Safety


Physical Demands


Standing: Requires full-time standing with limited resting periods and to walk distances.  Sit for extemded periods if required.


Heights: Able to work at heights.  Able to climb stairs or ladders as required.  Able to work off of step stools, scissor lifts, lift platforms and structures without handrails.


Overhead Work: Able to work overhead as required.


Weight restriction: Able to lift/push/pull/carry a minimum of 50 lbs.


Body Positioning: Able to twist/bend (neck or waist) and stoop.  Able to work in awkward positions as required.  Able to squat/kneel/crawl/reach as required.


Work Content: Able to use/hold/manipulate small tools and parts with hands. Simple grasping, power grasping and fine manipulation is required.  Able to use vibrating tools and perform torqueing operations.  Able to use power equipment.  Repetitive tasks will be performed.  Able to use computer keyboard, mouse and monitor for extended periods of time.


Vision/Hearing: High level hand/eye coordination required.  Corrective lenses may be used.  Eye protection required in many instances.  Color differentiation may be required. Must be able to hear at level required for positions.

Environmental: Able to work around noise, chemicals, fumes and dust.  Capable to using respirators and other protective equipment including hearing protection if required.  Able to work outside.

Vehicles/Power Moving Equipment: Able to operate as required.  Able to work around heavy equipment or machinery.










The physical demands described above do not contain a comprehensive listing of all physical requirements for all positions.  The physical demands for each position will vary based on business needs so the physical demands described above are subject to change and employees therefore will also be expected to perform all physical requirements necessary for their position.  This job description may be changed to include new or different physical demands or change existing ones as management deems necessary.

To apply for this job email your details to andrea@soilsengineering.com